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by anonymous
Hi all,

I would like to configure my APN with the SDK 0.1.14

All parameters are good registered, but the auth method to CHAP don't work
I have try to modify simcard file or simcard and network files but it don't work
When I upload my firmware the auth method is define to "none"

How can I configure the auth method to "chap" in my custom firmware ?

thank you in advance to your response

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Create a files/etc/config subdir in the base tree and put your non-default network configuration file there. It will be automagically included in the build.

by anonymous
the issue is that just one parameters is forgotten : option auth_mode 'chap'
all of other parameters are registered
by anonymous
Yes, create a files/etc/config/network file with the correct parameters in the SDK tree, and rebuild it. The new firmware image will contain this file instead of the default /etc/config/network.
by anonymous
It's the same ... the chap auth method is not registered
i come back tusday to continue this config
by anonymous

the chap auth method is not registered

What do you mean by that exactly ? What is the content of files/etc/config/simcard and files/etc/config/network ?

by anonymous


I have found my mistake. In the network file, initialy :

option auth 'none
option auth_mode 'chap'

I have changed by :

option auth 'chap'
option auth_mode 'chap'

Thank you very much