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by anonymous
Hi, im using the sdk, i would like to add a suffix on my firmware so i can know which FW version is updated to which device. I tried changing the files (no effect), changing the version. files (but during the build they change into the original name). I tried accessing etc/config/system file via CLI, changed the FW name there and it had no effect (even wrote it under both 'system' and 'device_info'). I can see after rebooting the router the changes via CLI are applied but i can see it only in CLI, not on the webserver. Please help

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by anonymous


Thank you for your query.

In such instance, I would recommend using menuconfig , instructions bellow:

1) Navigate to your GPL folder

2) run ./scripts/feeds update -a

3) run make menuconfig

4) Navigate to: Base system -> Branding -> libbrand-versioning

5) Mark both: libbrand and libbrand-versioning with an asterisk(*)

Note: Navigate with arrow keys, and press space button to change between blank, M and *. Make sure you set * on both of these as shown bellow.

6) click Enter on libbrand-versioning a new window will show up, find RUT2Xx PREFIX and click enter.

7) Type in your custom FW prefix and hit enter.

Best Regards,

Dziugas K.

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by anonymous
Thank you for your help