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I use a Rut240 powered with a batterie (the batterie works as USV and is plug on a solar panel). Is it possible to detect when the power supply of batterie is down and send a message to me over Rut240? I think it should possible with digital input of Rut240, but how can I do that?

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In my opinion, you will need an Analog Input to monitor the battery output voltage. Let say once the battery is giving a low voltage output meaning the battery is dried out. Kindly try to check the voltage output of the battery when it is having low and use that as your base value to know that the battery is out of juice. 

So in this case RUT240 is not having any analog input so you need to use either RUT955, TRB245, or TRB141. 

In the latest version you can do this task via I/O Juggler you can check this link for more information: 

RUT955 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)



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