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I want to use the RUT240 Router together with the LPMM-7-27-24-58 antenna and I've got some questions:
a) the antenna has 4 cables, the router 3. What to do with the second WIFI cable from the antenna? Whats that purpose?
b) when external antenna is connected, does the router use external antenna to provide WIFI signal or does the router itself provide signal?

Thanks in advance!

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Comments to your questions:

a) Some devices have multiple WiFi antennas and that allows them to achieve better performance with more antennas in use simultaneously. For example Teltonika RUT950 device, which has 2 WiFi antennas (2x2 MIMO)

However, since RUT240 only has single WiFi antenna connector (and 2 Mobile (LTE) antenna connectors), you could only connect one WiFi antenna to it. Second antenna cable in such case could be simply left unconnected.

b) Yes. RUT240 does not have built in internal antennas, therefore external WiFi antenna should be connected. Without WiFi antenna you might still be able to use RUT240's WiFi access point by being physically close to the router. However, without antenna performance would be significantly worse and WiFi range would be considerably small.

Best answer

thanks alot for your answer!

My idea is to keep both (antenna and router) and leave one wifi cable disconnected, do you agree?
Or should I replace the antenna / router?

I'm aiming for mobile data in first instance and not to receive any wifi in the first place, it's more a "nice to have", this is why I would change antenna rather than router.

Yes, leaving one WiFi cable unconnected seems to be best option in this case.