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by anonymous

I have successfully configured a VPN HUB through RMS on a brand new RUT-955 unit. (FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3)

All was very straightforward and easy to configure following the video "How to set up an RMS VPN Hub"

but then, The SCAN DEVICE feature for adding a route did not find any of my devices, so I added a few devices manually and restart the VPN, it still did not give me access to the devices, so I tried adding the complete subnet by adding a manual route for,

still no results.

I have another location where the cameras are connected directly to the RUT-955 (FW version: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3) and there I was able to scan and find the devices and it worked perfectly. (I am not sure if it is because it is directly connected to the RUT-955 or because this RUT-955 unit is an older one that I "played" a lot with the configuration of it and maybe (without knowing) I made some configuration that makes it worked with VPN... Can't say why it is working there.

Please see attached a block diagram of the network & devices.

My question is what did I miss in order to be able to talk with all the devices?


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by anonymous

Sorry for the very late reply.

RMS VPN Hub has recently received fixes. So, if the issue persists, try to re-create the VPN Hub instance from the beginning. If the request is still relevant, write me a private message. Provide the serial number of the device. I will be able to check its settings via RMS.

Best regards.
by anonymous
Hello and thanks for your responce

I did as you mentioned, and I can get some better result, I can RDT to routes I added but I can't ping to others like CCTV or get to the CCTV GUI using a chrome browser.

But again at least I can RDT to my servers.

Thanks and if there is a way to get to the camera GUI I would be happy to learn how.

by anonymous

If you access RDT via VPN, then the cameras don't need anything special here. Should everything work, only try adding the complete subnet by adding a manual route for example,

Be sure to restart the VPN Hub after, that the changes take effect.