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by anonymous

Hi, everyone

The today's Teltonika newsletter indicates that it was required to upgrade the firmware for RUT 240 in the US due to AT&T 3G network shutdown on Feb 22, 2022. This shutdown would affect every Teltonika Networks cellular device, including those using 4G.

So, why do those devices need the upgrade to the latest firmware although they are all using 4G, not 3G. Our devices run legacy firmware version RUT2XX_R_00.01.14 or later in AT&T or T-Mobile US network.  What is the technical reason that makes this upgrade necessary?

Best regards, Mike

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Can't answer your actual question, but I would be really, really careful with this firmware update. Make sure you do it with local access to the routers until you are confident with it.

We have had nothing but a nightmare with it bricking routers over the past few days when it tries to do the Quectel update. We are using RUT955 rather than 240s though.
by anonymous
I upgraded one RUT240 European version via direct connection and it works very well. I'll try another one via mobile connection. But, anyway, I would like to know the technical background why this upgrade is necessary.
by anonymous
@mike_orbit I might be wrong but if you have a European version, this upgrade won't affect you.

It only affects the US versions (or maybe the Global version):

You will know if it did affect you because a big message flashes up on the WebUI and the whole thing goes offline for about 20 minutes whilst it flashes the Quectel modem.

We have upgraded loads of EU versions just fine, but the American ones were a whole different story...
by anonymous
@jakew009, Thanks for your comment. What do you mean by "the American ones were a whole different story"? We do need to upgrade more than 10 US version devices and we will not be able to do it via direct connection. We have to do it via mobile connection. That's why I'm interested in the technical background of this network shutdown affecting those cellular devices. If we could avoid upgrading them remotely I would not do it.
by anonymous

I believe this could explain why 4G devices should take these actions even if they're not set to work on 3G:

It's all about how our devices in US connect to the data and how operator handles those requests, so basically what we did we made our device to work more in data centric way than it was before, thus all of the devices which were connecting to 4G through 3G are now required to change the way of their connection.

by anonymous
This explains the need of an upgrade.

Is it a more secure way to perform that upgrade via ssh (upload via WinSCP and sysupgrade)? Our devices don't have public internet connection or active RMS service.
by anonymous
All of the ways are secure. Upload through WebUI is the same as sysupgrade command, but it does execute the needed command automatically.

So just download the firmware from our wiki and upgrade it through WebUI.

by anonymous
@mike_orbit, your mileage may vary, but we had two of the AT&T/Verizon versions brick themselves after the upgrade.
The initial upgrade went OK, but then when the actual Quectel modem upgrade started, it never completed.
Teltonika support were able to recover it, but we lost all remote access to them.

Be aware that the device will go offline for a long time during the upgrade (the support docs says 15-30 mins) and you'll also brick it if you lose power during the update.

Teltonika said we were the first to have problems... maybe we were. Got lots more to tackle next week...