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Hello community / Teltonika staff,

I am a happy user of a RUT955 Global edition while traveling worldwide.

A great router but I am looking for an upgrade in mobile router speeds up from the max 150 Mbps that the RUT955 Cat 4 supports.

The RUTX11 and up offer that but I am not sure if these products are "Global" as the RUT955 is.

Does anyone have an answer for me on this?



Yes, this should work globally in many to most countries. Check the table of countries/frequencies supported, and make sure the countries you're intending to travel to, supports the same. 

Pay close attention to the model numbers. The 'RUTX11 0*****' models are for EMEA and non-US countries, while the 'RUTX11 1*****' model numbers support North America only

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Hi setuid,

Thank you for your swift answer. I am aware of the two model versions of the RUTX11, one for North America / US territories and one for the rest of the world.

That is still a choice between two while the RUT955 Global covers the entire world in one router as I have been told. Do I understand correctly now that this feature is not supported in any of the RUTX type routers?