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Here is the summary of my previosly answered question with more tests:

I have two different SIM cards from different mobile phone companies and nets in Germany.

SIM 1: freenet FUNK (o2) (APN "Internet")
SIM 2: vodafone (APN "web.vodafone.de")

Both SIM cards, when inserted in my cellphone, show up valid IPv4 and IPv6 IPs when checked with https://ipv6-test.com

RUT240 test with SIM 1:
If I Insert SIM 1 in RUT240, set the interface mob1s1a1 to IPv6 or later to IPv4/IPv6 and custom APN to "Internet" it shows in both cases a valid IPv6 adress in the overview of the interfaces on RUT240 (and in case IPv4/IPv6 also a IPv4 adress). So far so good.

But if I test on https://ipv6-test.com with the RUT240 connected to my PC (via connector LAN), there is no IPv6 adress available. (Network interface on PC configured for IPv4 and IPv6!)

Question: Why is it not possible for my PC-Browser to show an IPv6 adress via RUT240 from https://ipv6-test.com?

RUT240 test with SIM 2 is even worse:

If I Insert SIM 2 in RUT240, set the interface mob1s1a1 to IPv6 or to IPv4/IPv6 and custom APN to "web.vodafone.de" its shows in both cases no valid IPv6 adress (in case IPv4/IPv6 only a IPv4 adress) in the overview of the interfaces on RUT240.


Both SIMs in my cell phone get IPv6.

SIM 1 in RUT240 shows in the RUT 240 interface a IPv6, but IPv6 is not working by PC test with browser on https://ipv6-test.com.

SIM 2 in RUT240 shows no IPv6 in the RUT 240 interface, also no IPv6 by PC test with browser (obvious).

Could you please help me to get RUT240 working with IPv6?

Are there any more settings in the RUT240, that I have to change for IPv6?

Thank you very much!

Dear Teltonica Staff,

I spent about 400 € for two RUT240, which unfortunately I can not connect via LTE and IPv6. This is very unfortunate.

I would be very pleased to receive a helpful reply.

Thank you very much!

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If you still have the issue, could you show the result of the following commands from a ssh or CLI console:

ip -4 rule show
ip -6 rule show