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I have to know if I can use RUT955 to communicate with precipitation sensor(trough Modbus RTU or SDI-12) and collect its data. Then I would need RUT955 to make a packet of this received data and send it to remote server. Is it possible to send that data trough FTP or HTTP protocol? Basically I need RUT955 to be working like a datalogger.

To make clearer even more what I mean. The setup we have now is that a datalogger trough SDI-12(RS484) collect data from precipitation sensor every 10 minutes and every night at 3AM it sends CSV(max 30 KB) packet containing data for 24 hours to our remote server trough FTP protocol. I hope this in understandable explenation.

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You can in principle do that - check out https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Data_to_Server for details.

The router supports readout over ModbusRTU and data push over either HTTP(S), MQTT, or Kinesis (but not FTP).

I know there are some aggregation capabilities - e.g. you can take a reading every 10 seconds, and then push the 6 collected readings once per minute - but I'm not sure what the range of available parameters for buffering like this is. E.g. whether you can collect readings over a full 24 hours before pushing these in one go. Most of my use cases involve reading data and pushing it immediately - and for that it works really well.
I agree with Svet but I would add that the minimum data send to server period is 1 minute, not 1 second as suggested by the "mouse over help" in the User interface.