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Hi! I will try to give a description of the problem here. First the setup:

I have a RUTX09 with a LTE sim card that has a IPsec tunnel to a firewall at work. The RUT connects with the IPSec just fine and everything looks solid. I can even remote log in to the RUT interface via the tunnel.

However when I put a computer on the lan port, I don't recieve any internet. I am not able to log into the RUT interface locally, unless I remove the SIM-card, then the local access works. As soon as I put the SIM-card in, It throws my computer out of the interface. While the SIM-card is in, I do get IP and gateway is correct, but I am not able to ping the RUT locally.

I have compared the device to another that has identical settings (except different IP subnet) and that one works great.

Cheers for any help

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Could attach a troubleshoot file by editing your question? Files are visible only to Teltonika Engineers. You can download troubleshoot file from the System > Administration > Troubleshoot section. Also, are you 100 % that settings on both routers are identical (including firmware version)?


I'm sorry our company policy doesn't allow me to share the logs which have our IP adresses in them. I can send these two if it helps.

Firewall log

Kernel log

I am sure that both routers are running the same firmware version (and kernel version etc). I also tried to ping the computer from the router with no success, after it did confirm that router has leased an IP to the computer and computer has accepted it. Also redid these tests:

Ping from router to firewall works over IPsec

Speedtest from router to "internet" works as well.

Lights on the ethernet ports are green andbetween computer and router.

No data between computer on LAN and Router except DHCP requests and ARP (according to wireshark).