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by anonymous

Good day.

I am trying a remote control system using in Japan. After check specifications and functions of devices I found that the TRB141 is the best solution from the point of view of Function. There 2 things that I am not sure.

1. I noticed that TRB141 is without certificate for Japan. Is it allowed to officially used for project.

2. The LTE band of TRB141 is covered by some of the operator in Japan, does it mean it will actully work properly?

If the TRB141 is not a solution, I have to turn to RUT955. However this solution is making the control system complecated and in the mean time waste a lot of resources of RUT955.  

Please kindly comment .

Thanks and regards.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

We have WEEE, RoHS & REACH (Environment) and CE/RED (Radio) for the TRB141, but if GITEKI certification is compulsory then we only have the RUT240, RUT950, and RUT955. If the project requires additional certification like PSE, VCCI, MIC that too will have to be cross checked.

Please note that based on the size of the project if requested, Teltonika might extend the certification to TRB141 too (Please contact your area sales representative for more information regarding that)

It should work as long as the device you possess support the band of the operator you plan to use. It will be better to choose the appropriate product code with regards to the operator you are planning to use (Please refer to the below link)

TRB141 Supported Frequency Bands - Teltonika Networks Wiki