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by anonymous
Hi there,

I have a problem with my RUT230 router.

I use this to log photovoltaic systems.

The devices work great, but consume unnecessary data volume.

I just run a RUT230 with a SIM card without connected end devices for testing. However, this transmits an average of 50 KB upload and 50 KB download per hour. That's 100 KB per hour x 24 hours = 2.4 MB x 30 days = 72 MB of wasted traffic.
That adds up and costs money.

What could that be for an option in the router that could be disabled.

I would be really grateful if someone had a good idea.

Many Thanks.



1 Answer

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by anonymous

This data usage is most likely caused by NTP and RMS services.  Keep in mind that after disabling NTP client your RUT230 will no longer synchronize its date/time.

Services can be disabled in WebUI -> Status -> Services

Best regards,
by anonymous
hello Martynas, 
thanks for the tip. 
I have. 
It was really because 
of the RMS service. 
But apparently that wasn't all :(

I disabled all services 
that exist.

The modem still sends data 
even though nothing is 
connected to it.

Anyone else have a good idea?

Attached are screenshots 
of the settings.


by anonymous
Hi, Sebastian,

There seems to be no picture attached. I'd be helpful if you could enable TCP dump collection in WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and after ~10mins download both troubleshoot and TCPdump files and PM them to me. I'd look into what's consuming data on your device.