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Hi there,

I have a problem with my RUT230 router.

I use this to log photovoltaic systems.

The devices work great, but consume unnecessary data volume.

I just run a RUT230 with a SIM card without connected end devices for testing. However, this transmits an average of 50 KB upload and 50 KB download per hour. That's 100 KB per hour x 24 hours = 2.4 MB x 30 days = 72 MB of wasted traffic.
That adds up and costs money.

What could that be for an option in the router that could be disabled.

I would be really grateful if someone had a good idea.

Many Thanks.



1 Answer

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This data usage is most likely caused by NTP and RMS services.  Keep in mind that after disabling NTP client your RUT230 will no longer synchronize its date/time.

Services can be disabled in WebUI -> Status -> Services

Best regards,
hello Martynas, 
thanks for the tip. 
I have. 
It was really because 
of the RMS service. 
But apparently that wasn't all :(

I disabled all services 
that exist.

The modem still sends data 
even though nothing is 
connected to it.

Anyone else have a good idea?

Attached are screenshots 
of the settings.


Hi, Sebastian,

There seems to be no picture attached. I'd be helpful if you could enable TCP dump collection in WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and after ~10mins download both troubleshoot and TCPdump files and PM them to me. I'd look into what's consuming data on your device.