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I am currently trying to access devices on LAN side of the RUT240 through the RMS VPN. I have created a new VPN hub on RMS and have managed to add both the router and the openVPN connect running on my windows PC as clients.

When I connect to the RMS VPN I am able to ping and access the router but I am unable to connect to the device ( that is sitting on the LAN side of the RUT240. I have confirmed that the device connected to the LAN of the RUT240 has been added to the routes table on the VPN hub and its default gateway has been set to which is the IP address of the RUT240's LAN. Both LAN and WAN forwarding has been enabled on the router.

I have also noticed that I am unable to ping the device from CLI but I am able to ping RUT240 from the device.

Could you please advise on what should be done to fix this issue?

Thank you for your time.
Have the same issue here, did you find any solution for this?

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I would require the topology to be able to help you better (Type of VPN i.e. Name, TAP or TUN and also the assigned IP’s)

But based on my understanding kindly check the below 3 points.

  1. Try to check port forwarding rules you have added (Can try DMZ if you are not sure about the ports i.e., to apply Port forwarding to the device IP but leave the External port and Internal Port blank before saving.)
  2. Kindly check whether forwarding is enabled from RMS VPN to LAN under zone forwarding settings


  1. You can set up static routes to LAN, On your computer (with OpenVPN client running), try adding static router to router's LAN network ( Make sure your PC does not have IP from this subnet on its network interface for internet access.