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I updated my RUT950 to RUT9_R_00.07.01.2 and since then it constantly crashes. This means the device is completly offline and can't be reached through the web interface. It then reboots by itself, sometimes quickly, sometimes not for a long time, and I have to reset it manually.

This happens every 10 to 30 minutes and makes the device completley unusable. Also I observed, that the mobile connection does not work, despite “Data connection state” claiming to be “connected”. When I then click “REBOOT MODEM”, it starts working again, and I have internet for another 10 to 30 minutes, until the device crashes again. The Event-Logs do not record any error, but only the reconnection of devices.

The device was losing its conncetion before the update occasionally and sometimes had to be rebooted to establish it again. (reregister etc. never worked).

Would be nice if there would be a fix. I'm using 1 Simcard for 4g internet connection via. a lan cable. Probably the most simple usecase ever. 

If there is any information I can provide, I'm happy to.

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Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to ask if this issue persist using firmware version 7.1.4?
If so, could you provide a troubleshoot file?
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,