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I bought an RUTX09 and noticed that it has 2 wifi leds on the front as per the picture attached, but in your specifications page it shows it doesn't have wifi. The other issue is that these 2 wifi leds don't feature on the product images of the RUTX09, is there a problem with my unit as in should I be concerned it's been mis-manufactured or I've been sold a "fake"?

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Thank you for the picture. From your picture it seems that unfortunate situation has occurred and RUTX11 device's front panel was used on your RUTX09 device. I.e. RUTX device series has multiple difference devices, which has different hardware functionalities (RUTX09 does NOT have WiFi, while RUTX11 does have WiFi. Because of this reason, different front panels are used for different devices)

Answering your question: it is very unlikely that this is a "fake device". Instead, most likely it simply has incorrect front panel attached to it, while device itself should work correctly without any issue. The only disadvantage of incorrect panel is that device's visual inspection (if you would be checking device's LEDs) could cause misunderstandings, due to fact that SIM1-SIM2-ETH LEDs will be misaligned and fact that device does not have WiFi functionality.

If this is not an issue for you - you could continue using the device. Meanwhile, if this is unacceptable for you, you could contact your router provider and exchange this device (RMA).

To help us improve, could you please write this device's serial number to me via private message? That would allow us to check what have happened with this device during manufacturing and would allow us prevent similar misunderstandings in the future.