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With TRB245 unit I can't detect GPS changes. I move It about 5/6m and no changes on latitude/latitude.

The Antenna is on top of a pivot (circular irrigation system) that moves it  very slow (about 4" by meter)

There are any configuration for obtain changes on position with this conditions ? Any idea for optimize the GPS values on my pivot?


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TRB245 uses LTE module Quectel EC25 for GPS feature.
You can find module's GPS accuracy online.
Bellow is the screenshot from documentation, where module's accuracy is specified:

You can also connect to router via SSH and use "gpsctl -u" command to get accuracy. 

So if the antenna is fixed properly and has good communication with several satellites, then the coordinates should be update every 1.5m or less.




I have not correct geo values with my TRB245 mounted on a irrigation pivot system

I have tested again my TRB245 with GPS only geolocation enabled. This time I used gpsctl comand and here my results

accuracy- > 0.7

number satellites -> 8

Here my great problem

If the pivot turns right the gpsctl -x  It starts at a point and decreases (could be fine)

Then stop my pivot and start turn left and continues to decrease when in reality it should increase.

Could  be because the pivot moves very slowly (less 0.5m by second) ? Or the antenna is mounted over the pivot metal structure?  Any idea about this problem?