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Hello to all.

I have recently purchased a Teltonika RUT955 to use with an existing home network system. The current system utilises a 4G modem/router, connected via a switch to a TPLINK DECO M4 Wifi, configured as an access point, has about 20 devices wirelessly connected to it and has been working flawlessly for the last 2 years.

The existing 4G router was replaced with the RUT955, with no other changes to the internal network. When the RUT955 is connected, the system works maybe for a few hours but then crashes, especially if any other wireless device is connected to the internal wifi network. It also crashes even if no further wifi connections are made. Even when crashed, the RUT does not loose 4G connection, but according to the error log, no mobile data are available -"Mobile data disconnected". The issue seems to be DNS errors. If the RUT955 runs in stand-alone mode (not connected to the TPLINK DECO internal network), there are no issues. There are also no issues with the SIM card or 4G mobile network coverage, as the issue occurs only when RUT is connected to the internal systems.

I would be grateful if anybody could give me any ideas...Can anybody please help?

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I was also searching for this. If you get answer please guide me to
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Could you attach a full topology scheme and a troubleshoot file from your router once the issue reproduces? You can download it from the System > Administration > Troubleshoot page. Attach it to your first post by editing it (files are only visible to the engineers)


Topology and log files uploaded.

Best regards,