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I refer you to this page in your manual.

You can see that under "Carrier Aggregation", it is showing "single" which is what I have on my modem.  What does this mean exactly?  Does it mean my modem is connected to a single band with no carrier aggregation? What would you see if there were multiple bands in the area?

The manual says:

Carrier Aggregation LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation, CA, is one of the key techniques used to enable the very high data rates of 4G to be achieved. By combining more than one carrier together, either in the same or different bands it is possible to increase the bandwidth available and in this way increase the capacity of the link

At the moment, my speed is 40Mb down and 45 up.  I have a MIMO antenna and my guess is that I am seeing better speed as a result.  Given there is no additional band in the area, no CA for me.....

I'm about 35Km from the tower I am connecting to.  I do not expect any other band in this location other than B28 for 4G so I know I wont get any multi band CA.

Also, my modem is RUT360



QLD, Australia

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I think that this module not support B28+B28 CA.

So if on your area are only LTE B28 band this device not use CA.
Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I agree no CA on single band.  Still, my question remains - when carrier aggregation does occur, what will I see in the modem info page?

I think that by default module searching CA connection by all time. If it connect to the 2 different bands it looks like this:

However I notice that sometimes it reach best throughput by using 1 band. It could be that if module use e.g. B1+B1 in status it return as single band even if it use CA..