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We have just finished updating the firmware on our fleet of RUT240 devices in the US in preparation for the upcoming AT&T 3G Network Shutdown as documented here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/AT%26T_3G_Network_shutdown_information

As our fleet of RUT240's in Australia is much larger (around 10x larger) and we want to make sure we get a good head start with preparing for any updates required when Optus shuts down their 3G Service in May 2022 (https://www.optus.com.au/support/mobiles-tablets-wearables/important-changes-3g)

Currently most of our Australian devices are running the legacy firmware (V1.14.4).
Will our devices need to be updated like our US ones did, and if so, what version will we need to update to.

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So far, it is known from all operators that only ATnT requires an update to the modem software for the device to work properly when 3G will be turned off. Optus reports that devices which support the 900MHz frequency will not be affected:

I'm not sure what product codes of your RUT240 are, but many of them support multiple frequencies on the 3G network.