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Hi there

I cannot access the admin panel anymore and even after reset it is not available at from my Mac

We can at least connect to the router with other laptops than my Mac (also apple laptops) but it rejects the generic username / password even though its been reset.

I think I need to do the boot loader option but there is no instruction on how to do this with a Mac. I'm on a yacht in a foreign country so have no other options.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Chris,

i sometimes have similar issues on my imac when using firefox and the cached information. Have you tried another browser such as chrome or open up a new private window and then connect. Apologies if this seems simple but often overlooked.

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Thank you for contacting us.
In this case you could try to add device to our Remote Management system (RMS), the change password using "Password Management" and try to access device.
Hope it helps.

Best regards,