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Hi what is the name of the zerotier interface?  Es. eth0 is lan, eth1 is wan, zerotier is zt1?

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All ZeroTier interfaces begin with a prefix "zt". Any other value after the prefix is generated randomly. If you'd like to see your interface, please login to the router via CLI (SSH) by either navigating to Services > CLI in the WebUI and logging in with the username "root" and your WebUI password or you may download third party SSH client such as PuTTY and login to the router using the SSH client. 

This procedure is identical on all devices. More information about logging in to the CLI can be found on our wiki: RUTX11_CLI

Once logged in, type in the following command:

ifconfig | grep zt -A 6

This will show you two things:

  • Whether the ZeroTier interface is up and running
  • Name and statistics about the ZeroTier interface

If you'd like to see all running interfaces, simply run the following command:


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