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by anonymous

When I connect the mqtt publisher to aws iot core, I always get a subscribe failure on router/get. I am on the latest firmware. Interestingly I can get the bridge to subscribe to iot core successfully but that isn't what I want. Cloudwatch logs show this failure:

{ "timestamp": "2022-02-25 17:04:18.296", "logLevel": "ERROR", "accountId": "866312087341", "status": "Failure", "eventType": "Subscribe", "protocol": "MQTT", "topicName": "router/get", "sourcePort": 58253 }

Any help would be much appreciated.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
I can confirm that AWS doesn't support QOS of 2 which is what the publisher uses
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by anonymous

Regarding this issue of yours may I know what type of authentication are you using? Username password or something else.

You can refer to this document file for reference regarding MQTT Publisher :

I hope this helps

by anonymous
Thanks for the reply Jerome. I'm just using TLS with the CA, private key and certificate files generated by AWS. I have talked with AWS and they think the subscribe failure is because the RUT955 is trying to use QOS 2 which is not compatible. I can get the bridge to connect successfully with a QOS of 1 or 2 which would make sense.

Is it possible to connect the publisher to the local Broker and then use the bridge to forward the events to AWS?