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I have some units that report GPS location correctly, some that are displaying an old location and some that do not display their location at all. Is there a documented troubleshooting process for this and/or could you assist in how I can get them reporting successfully?

Many thanks


What does `gpsctl -psu` return when run from the shell?

For example, in my case it shows:

# gpsctl -psu

Also, do you see a `gpsd` process running on the router? Something like:

5762 root      5888 S    /usr/sbin/gpsd -a /dev/ttyUSB1 -b 115200

Thx setuid - the units are all at remote sites (obviously) and so I don't believe I can SSH them unless I go out in person. Will have to test this if/when I ever get to do that

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No, there is not documented troubleshoot process, but the idea in this case is as follows:

1. First it is essential to check if device can determine its GPS location. Connect to this router's WebUI and check if in "Services -> GPS -> Map" menu correct GPS location is shown. Also, as "setuid" user commented above, through SSH/CLI more information can be seen. Connect to device via SSH (e.g. using "Putty" application for Windows):

 - SSH login: root

 - SSH password: <your device's password>

and use "gpsctl -p" SSH command to check how much satellites router can see at that moment in time. If number is low, that would explain inaccuracy or loss of GPS position. If this would be the case, situation could only by improved by physically changing your setup, e.g. changing GPS antenna location. If possible, make sure that it would have direct sky visibility and would not have any obstructions between it and the sky.

2. If we understood you correctly, you have also configured router to send its location to your servers, either via RAW NMEA, HTTP or AVL functionalities. If this is the case, it is also possible that device looses internet connection temporarily, which prevents it from reporting new GPS position to your server. If you are using mobile internet connection with your routers and if they receive poor mobile signal coverage, try to change LTE antenna location and place them closed to the window/higher if possible.

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Thx - my RUT240 units don't appear to have the Services > GPS menu present. I just see:


This is correct. RUT240 devices do not have GPS functionality.
Thx - we have about a dozen RUT240 units on our RMS portal and the majority report GPS locations to the location map on RMS.

Are they doing this via a different method?

Yes, there is functionality on RMS, which allows to determine approximate device location based on cell towers, which device can see. This method is not very precise, but at least allows rough estimation where device is located. This is probably what you see in RMS at this moment about these devices. That would also explain why your visible location is not very accurate and why some devices are not visible at all - it is possible, that particular cell tower is not listed in online cell tower database, from which RMS acquires estimate position.

Little bit more information about RMS GPS functionality can be found here.

Thanks - that clarifies that. Many thanks for the link too, that's what I was after!