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Hello Teltonika team,

I have a RUTX12,  I was able to set up WLAN hotspot service successfully based on WLAN5G, and I enabled the "Software flow offloading", however, the 5G speed is very slow around 50Mbps download speed, the rule is default unlimited "Download Bandwidth". If I removed the WLAN hotspot service, I got around 360Mbps download speed with the WLAN5G connection.

Is there any guide to make the WLAN hotspot service speed the same as the general WLAN speed?

Thank you.

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Unfortunately there's no way to increase the throughput for the hotspot beyond what you're currently seeing. This is the way it's supposed to work due to how hotspot service works compared to regular WiFi. When packets come in & out from the device in a regular (WiFi) manner, the device simply passes all of the traffic to the kernel. When connecting to the device via hotspot, the hotspot service pulls every packet (that passes through the tun interface) out of the kernel, inspects it as a user process, then puts it back into the kernel. This stresses CPU heavily, especially when more bandwidth is consumed using the hotspot WiFi - the result is throughput loss.

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