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In one installation we have a RUTX08 which does not get an IP address (DHCP) from the provider's router (Swisscom, Internet Box 3). My laptop obtains an IP address without any problems. In the house next door we have the same installation, everything works there. We have already exchanged the various components with each other. It remains unchanged. I have also already connected another RUTX08. Same problem. If I install this RUTX08 elsewhere, everything is okay. From the provider's side, everything seems to be in order. The RUTX08 run in standard mode. Any idea?

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If all physical connections are properly connected (ISP router LAN port to RUTX08 WAN port) but RUTX08 still cannot get IP address on WAN port from ISP router, could you please check the following:

1. What is the WAN port LED light status?

2. Have you tried to use the same RJ45 cable and port that used for laptop to test if the issue persist?

3. Was your laptop under DHCP mode from getting the IP from ISP router?

4. What is your ISP router DHCP IP range? Is there any IP available to be assigned to RUTX08

5. Have you enabled any DHCP fitter to allow or deny devices to obtain IP from ISP router?

6. What is RUTX08 firmware version? Was it working before? Please update to latest firmware version and test again.

7. If issue persist, please login CLI and enter the command:

logread | grep DHCP

logread | grep WAN

please capture and share the logs