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We are using an RUTX11 for our business.  Firmware is latest production, RUTX_R_00.07.01.2

I have our WAN set to our business line ISP.  Backup is an LTE SIM data connection.

We are experiencing many fail overs per day, going from the WAN to the data connection, then back to the WAN.  Repeats sometimes dozens of times per day.

I figured the default ping set up was too sensitive, so I changed the Interval to 30 seconds, Reliability to 1 and the Count to 1.  I have three targets defined,, and  Whenever I ping them, the times are in the range 45ms to 96ms - very fast, yet still seeing fail overs.

How do I debug these fail overs?  The standard log messages are insufficient, they just report the obvious, a fail over event occurred.  I want to see the results of the ping that the RUTX11 is running, or something similar.  I logged into the shell and checked /var, but nothing helpful is there.

Other ideas?  Thank you!!

Bottom line - the fail over happens too often & I don't believe that I'm unable to receive 1 of 9 pings back in 90 seconds!

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Ping response time is not related to failover activation. These times can go up to 200ms an the interface remain as online. It is possible that you have packet losses from your ISP. Have you checked the behavior by doing an extended ping from a pc connected to RUTX11?. How do you have the "Up" and "Down" parameters configured?. By default, these are set to 3. So, if 3 successful pings are not received regardless of the time, a switch to the mobile interface wil be made. You could modify the "Up" parameter to 1 and increase the down parameter to 5 or 10. Then, it would be necessary that 10 pings fail to consider the interface as offline. Here is a link with more information on how to configure failover.

In case you want to have more detailed logs. You can login to the router via ssh, and apply the command logread -f. This will show you everything that is happening on the router at the moment. If you want to filter the logs at failover you can then use the command logread -f | grep backup.

Also the latest firmware version is RUTX_R_00.07.01.4. You can update it to have a more stable version. 



Thank you, I appreciate the response.

I have my Up count set to 1, my Down count set to 3, and my Interval count set to 30.  I also have 3 target ping hosts defined. My understanding with that configuration is that:

  • Pings occur every 30 seconds
  • Each ping interval, 3 hosts are sent a ping
  • For the WAN to be considered down, there would need to be zero responses in 3 intervals to any of the pings to the 3 defined hosts, i.e. 0 of 9 ICMP responses received to those 9 sent.
Is my understanding correct?
I will set-up a continuous time ping going thought the RUTX11 later in the week and monitor for packet loss.
Is there an SMS command I can send to remotely change the Down count?  I do not have regular access, so that might help in the interim.
Thanks again!

Correct. With that configuration you would have 0 responses out of 9 attempts, each attempt 30 seconds after the previous one. This does not take into account the "Reliability" value. By default, this is set to 1. So in that case you would not have any ping response received. If this value is modified, the number placed is the number of hosts that must successfully respond to the ping to be considered online. In this case, if it is set to 3. You may have had fewer failures depending on the responses of the hosts. 

There is a SMS utilities that allows to restore to the users default configuration. You can default your primary WAN interface to be that of your ISP and when failover occurs restore it to the initial one. To do this you must first create the default user settings. This can be done through System→Backup and Create User's defaults configuration. Then you can create the sms utilities by Services→Mobile utilities→Sms utilities and enable the Userdefaults option. There you can modify the message to send, and from which phones it is allowed to perform the command. Here is a link with more information about SMS utilities.