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Steps taken:

downloaded restoration image of 7.0.0 
created new default config and downloaded tar.gz
downloaded 7.1.4 
flashed 7.1.4

Logged into GUI

Guest Network previously present had been erased ?

Began stepping through the Wiki process for the guest network 

Network -> Wireless --> Add

Changed the ESSID from RUTX11

Changed the encryption type to WPA2/3 mixed 

Apply changes 

Router sits at "waiting for configuration to be applied.." 

At this point wireless network RUTX11 with no encryption at all is created and starts radiating!

Router still sits at "Waiting for config to be applied" and does not respond 

Opening the web browser back to the default page breaks the "Waiting for" loop

Upon returning to :

Network -> Wireless --> Add

I can delete the RUTX11 second ESSID, but the loop just goes around again 

I will grab a troubleshooting file, then will reflash to 7.0.0 and reload my config as my users need the service first thing in the morning. 

Come on guys! that's two consecutive firmware builds in a row that, from my perspective at least, you have broken more than you fixed! You need to focus on core stability for a while and less on new features!  


the very frustrated 



in fact this X11 7.1.4 build is far, far worse than the issue I have highlighted!

devices cannot connect to the internet although I can VPN over the internet to the router

status overview page has mainly unpopulated fields

and this is only in the first 3 hours of firmware testing

Sorry - guys but its back to 7.0.0 here and pray that the backup config reloads so my users are back online for business at 08:30




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It will restore neither firmware 7.0.0, nor the previous backup of the config files

factory reset and rebuild from scratch is my last option .....

its going to be an all night job I can see trying to get this back on line
so at 03:00 I got back to 7.0.0 and had to regress to a monthly backup from September 21
to get 7.0.0 to work with the config file. But at least now service is restored when the vehicle
hits the road in 20 minutes time.