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by anonymous

Hi All,

I am running a RUT950  ModelNum. RUT950U02XXX with firmware  7.01.2.

Configuration of the router is very simple, one SIM card for DATA only traffic with custom APN, no other special setup, with the 7.01.2  the router works OK.

I have loaded the latest FW  7.01.4 and  it stops working, this are the issues I have found:

1) No more data traffic, even if status  "connected"

2) Lost  custom APN configuration, if  one try  to re-enter the correct parameter is not saved, got to try several times, the APN value box is always empty

3) The Roaming option is switched from (originally enabled) to disabled.

Even if the options 2 and 3 are correct no data traffic is possible, the STATUS window shows everything is OK.

Got back to 7.1.2 and all is OK.

Tahnk you, kind regards


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by anonymous

The issue is known for Teltonika engineers and we are working on a solution to this issue.

The issue is that the router does not correctly save the custom apn to the configuration file.

A solution for this issue will be provided with future FW releases.