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by anonymous


I have some theoretical questions about TRB141 and RMS functionalities.

I’m working on a project that uses TRB141 as an alarm transmitter where it sends the user an SMS and an email if the alarm has been triggered. The system would come to the end user preconfigured and they would only need to input the phone numbers and emails to send notifications to.

The end user is unfortunately not good with technology and instead of going to the gateway’s web UI, they would like to have a simple program where they can just type in the necessary details and click save. The program would then update the gateway with this new data.

The initial idea was to have the end user connect their TRB141 via USB and my configuration tool could talk with it. But through my research I haven’t found anything that says this is possible so I thought I’d ask here just to be sure:

Is there a way to read/write data to the gateway via USB connection?

If not, my workaround would be to use RMS. I’d have the configuration tool talk with RMS API to edit the data.

However, in this setup, there would be three distinct roles:

·         I’d have the admin role. I can add “moderators” who are my clients.

·         The “moderator” can add end users and see and control their devices (but they can’t see other “moderator’s” devices).

·         End user would be end user and they can only control their devices.

Looking through some other answers here it doesn’t seem like the ability to create custom roles is implemented yet so I can’t have “moderators”.

Do you know when we could expect that feature?

Thank you for your time,


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by anonymous


Thank you for provided information. If you or your client is comfortably in modifying or creating your own tool which would allow easy TRB141 configuration via USB, I would recommend using a combination of SSH communication and UCI command usage.

SSH would be used to connect to TRB141. More info:

UCI would be used to configure TRB141. More info:

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous

Thank you for the answer! I think I can make it work with SSH and UCI.
One thing I did discover when testing this is that in my config for iojuggler I have an action for sending an email and I have written some additional info in the Text message option. Running the UCI command to get that text, the value returned is a set of random letters. If I UCI set that value to something in plain text (and commit the change), the Text message option says it is undefined.

Since the end user will be changing this option, how do I encode/decode this text?

Edit: I found that it's just base64 so no need to answer the question.
Thank you again!

Kind regards,