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by anonymous
i want to send modbus data from meters to an external sql database.
is this possible with a rut955?
is there a manual or something how to do this?

thx in advance
by anonymous
Possible. Did this multiple times for commercial projects. Either to AWS-IoT, or private server, running mysql.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Do you have some tools or manual how to do this?

i want to use this solution also for a school project

thx in advance.
by anonymous


You can use Data to Server feature available in RUT955, you can select HTTPS protocol which will be used to send the data.

I also have a more detail manual, but this is not specifically for SQL but it will send a POST request to a server.

by anonymous
I am unable to see the modbus data at Modbus TCP master. I managed to read the meter with a modbus tool.

can you please help me get this done.
maybe by a remote session?

by anonymous

Please tell me more about the setup you're having now

Are you using serial interface to connect RUT with sensor? If yes, is it 232 or 485?

I also suggest to update firmware to 7.01.2, you can download it from this link.
by anonymous


i am using rs485.

in my first question you will find a drawing with setup.
i use a eastron sdm230-modbus meter with RUT955 and tried now with a TRB145. 
modbus baudrate 9600, parity even, ID=1

picture 2 modbus connector
RED wire = A+ and BLACK wire = B-
i have installed the latest FW.

hopefully you can help me

if you need more information please let me know

by anonymous


If you're using rs485 you need to install Modbus serial master from package manager.

You can refer to this link

Most sensors are using 2 wire diagram, so please confirm this to sensor's manufacturer.

If it is using 2 wire diagram you need to create a jumper between Rn to Dn and Rp to Dp