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by anonymous
Hi all,

Primary focus of what we want the RUT240 for is as a Mobile Data wifi hotspot for non-technical user to install. However we are finding the users are struggling when Mobile data fails to connect. Ideally I want to be able to have the user simply to plug the RUT240 into any domestic broadband router via ethernet so I can use RMS over the internet to diagnose the mobile issue.

any ideas?



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by anonymous


Regarding the mobile connection failure, I recommend you check the APN and operating band configuration. For more information on these settings, I leave some links below. 

Operation band:

APN configuration:

Regarding the possibility of remote access via RMS. It is possible to connect the router to an ISP through its WAN interface and connect to it remotely through RMS. For this, you must first create an account in RMS. Then you must register the device on the RMS platform. After registering the router on the RMS platform, you can log in to manage it as long as it is connected to the Internet. You can access it via CLI, WebUI to check configurations and view logs of what is happening on the router. For RMS, after the first month, you will need credits to continue accessing the device. Here are some interesting links about the RMS platform, with this you can perform the task you want.

Create RMS account:

Add device to RMS:

Remote ssh connect:

For more information, I leave you this link to the RMS information page.

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by anonymous

Thanks for your response.

my focus is on as you say "It is possible to connect the router to an ISP through its WAN interface",  I need to know what configuration is necessary for this to work.

by anonymous
Normally nothing additional is needed to connect the WAN interface to an ISP provider. This is because by default the WAN interface is configured to receive its IP address by DHCP. In case you need to set a static IP, you must log in to the router and make a change according to your provider's instructions.
by anonymous

sorry for delay getting back to you. You are correct, I had to change the IP address of the RUT240 Network->LAN>General Setup>IP Address from to as it clashed with domestic broadband router.