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Here is a question I think I know the answer to but just to confirm.

There are 4 antenna leads, two for wifi and two for cellnet  But are they very specific?

Does cellnet antenna also connect to wifi? I ask as I am seeing a number of cellnet antenna that make a point of saying they can receive wifi signal.

}Are wifi antenna just for the local


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Firstly, the antennas used in Teltonika devices differ mechanically in connector types. Mobile connectivity antennas use SMA male connectors, while Wi – Fi uses RP – SMA female connectors which means that antennas have to be connected accordingly. Adapters might be used, but inclusion of such tools increases signal losses and negatively impacts connection quality. The use of two antennas for the same type of connectivity allows to improve signal quality by using MIMO, but one antenna for each type of connectivity is enough. Moreover, cellular and Wi – Fi are two different technologies, utilizing different frequency bands, and, since antenna length is defined by the frequency used, mobile and Wi – Fi antennas are tuned for operating in different bands. Mobile and Wi – Fi ranges partially overlap at the higher end of mobile spectrum, so Wi – Fi antenna will receive mobile signals if connected to mobile interface and vice versa, however, the quality of received service will probably be reduced. Overall, it is best to use dedicated antennas.

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Yes but lately most of the dedicated cellnet antennas have also been quoting the wifi signal they can receive. I had always believed the cellnet antenna received/dealt with only cellnet signals and the wifi wifi only. But I wondered if this has changed because of the wifi figures quoted by poynting  amoungst others for their cellnet antennas.

I will have dedicated wifi antennas but I was asking as if the cellnet antennas provide the client signal into the Rut360 then I would have internal wifi antennas, if not external ones would do me better.

Could you describe what exactly are you trying to achieve, specifically, what do you mean by internal antennas as RUT360 does not have internal antennas? Also, could you provide a link to an example of an antenna you are referring to?
Internal antennas as in inside vehicle

I am not sure I understand what exactly you want to do. However, you may use third party antenna solutions, but before making a decision on certain antenna, please make sure it follows the guidlines provided in this website: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Third-party_Antennas