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by anonymous
Hi there,

We want a TCP client to be able to access the NMEA data from the RUT955 without having to manually configure the device to "forward" the NMEA data to a certain hostname/port (RUT955 acts as the server). Currently we have tried a workaround of forwarding the NMEA data to itself (hostname: but it doesn't seem to send the data to itself properly...


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by anonymous


If you want to access NMEA data without having to change the host that is going to receive the data. You can store the data inside the RUT955 and look at the data by accessing the RUT955 via SSH. To do this you must enable the collecting NMEA option and enter the path where the data will be stored. Here is a link with more information about this.

You can view the data by opening the file directly in the RUT955, or if you connect as a client from a PC you can download the file with WinSCP. Here is a link on how to do this task.

Another option would be to register the RUT955 in our RMS portal and create SFTP access. Thus, anyone without having to be connected to the network. Could download the file and look at the data. For more information on this option, there is also this link.

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