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Do you know how I can verify that a RUTX09 has been updated? I want to programatically verify that the device is upgraded and is fully back functional.

From what I see so far, it seems that a firmware upgrade involves downloading the firmware followed by a reboot of some sort. It is at this point that the device is ready with new firmware installed. Is there a way to query if the device has reached this point? I have tried using the status API but woth that I can only verify that the firmware is downloaded to the device/validated not whether the device has completed its necessary reboot.


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Regarding this question of yours, if you are using RMS API you can try using the device statistics

Or if you want to get a notification let's say a POST message that the device is back up. You can try executing a script on device startup where it will generate a POST message to your server. You can put this script on System > Custom Scripts or in /etc/rc.local.