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by anonymous
After upgrade to 07.01.4 from 01.14.5, I attempt to login to the WebUI either locally or over RMS, Username & Password are taken with no error. The status page appears but is greyed out, in the center of the screen I have "LOADING..." and the circular progress bar. So I can not login. To recover, I perform a reset.

I have several RUT240's in the USA that need to be upgraded and would like to avoid having to instruct a non-techie to perform the reset.

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by anonymous


It is possible that not in all RUT240 you have to perform this procedure. However, you can perform from simple reset, to factory reset in different ways without having to be physically connected to the device. 

If you have a SIM that can receive SMS on the routers, you can perform a simple or factory reset by simply sending an SMS to the SIM card number. Also from the RMS, you can perform from a simple reset to a factory reset. For factory reset you can login via CLI and apply the firstboot command. 

For more information on how to perform these procedures by RMS, I leave this link below.

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