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by anonymous


I am working on the sim switch feature with the TRB245 gateways I have. In short, what I want to do is to read the information of a SIM card inserted in SIM2 side a via DEFAULT SIM1 using the switch feature. So, when I insert the SIM card I have, regardless of sim1 and sim2 ports, I want to display it over SIM1 which is set as DEFAULT.

Is this application possible for TRB245 gateways? I looked at the sim switch feature on the link below, but I couldn't find a place exactly.

I can't find this setting. Can you help on the subject?


best regards,

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by anonymous


From what I understand, you want to turn SIM2 as default or main if SIM1 fails or there is none connected to this slot, correct? This can be done with the SIM Switch feature. In the link you sent, there is a SIM switch section, there is more information on how to configure this. That is, switch to SIM2 if SIM1 has no connectivity, bad signal, or data limit among others. 

What you cannot do is display the SIM inserted in slot 2 as SIM1. You will always have the SIM information concerning the slot where it is inserted, and you can make it main thanks to this feature. However, it will always be displayed in the WebUI as SIM2.