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by anonymous

Hi Guys,

I am using the latest Firmware RUT9_R_00.07.01.4

I can Ping the Host Name of my RUT955 from the LAN Side with no problem, see screenshot 1:

...however from WAN side it doesn't work, see screenshot 2:

4 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello Simon,

If you are trying to ping the router using (Mobile WAN) or wan port public ip and ping fails:

you need to change the firewall setting on the router for "Allow-ping" 

by default it only allows the "echo-request". You will need to add "echo-reply" under Match ICMP type field.

And, if you are trying to ping the router's hostname and ping fails:

you will need to specify the public ip of the router in your computer DNS setting as the router's host name is not queried in other dns servers.

and add traffic rule under firewall as shown in the picture.  


by anonymous
Hi shivang.amin,

thanks for your answer. My setup does not involve the internet!

I do not have any puplic IPs or anything like that.

The LAN side is a small local network and the WAN side is a bigger, but also local, private network!

I use static IPs on LAN and WAN side, but can also use local DHCP.

So in this context:

Trying to ping the IP-Address of the RUT955 from the WAN side works with no problem!

Trying to ping the host-name of the RUT955 from the WAN side of a local network unfortunately fails...

Will a Traffic Rule like you suggested help me?

Thank you!

FYI: here my screenshots in better Quality!
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by anonymous
Hello Simon,

Hello we cannot ping hostname of router from wan port that is directly connected to PC. However, we can use a second router in between to ping to host name of first router. For that you will need to open port 53 in traffic rules under firewall for Wan zone on router 1. And specify the DNS IP of the router 1 wan IP on the PC's Nic.


by anonymous

Hi Shivang,

I built a setup with a second RUT955 acting as a DHCP server.

Unfortunately, I could not ping the host-name from WAN side.

I made a diagram to explain what I tried (including an external link for the image)

I did experiment with traffic rules and firewall rules on port 53 but no success :-(

also I unsuccessfully tried to switch off the firewall and allow traffic like this:

root@beta:~# iptables -I INPUT -j ACCEPT

root@beta:~# iptables -I FORWARD -j ACCEPT

root@beta:~# /etc/init.d/firewall stop

Can you help me get this done?

I need to ping the host-name of the RUT955 from WAN side.


by anonymous
There are some errors in topology here: connection between two routers should be wan connection and routes should be established you can check using " ip route" command if not, you will need to define static routes to reach each routers Lan network.

follow link for static route configurations:

Also the Lan networks should be completely different for both the routers and a wan network.

I.E. Lan1:, LAN2:, WAN:
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by anonymous

Hi Shivang!

sorry but I think I am making it to complicated....

I made another diagram  to clarify my point. 

Please tell me why I can not Ping the hostname "Teltonika-RUT955.lan" from the PC on the right-hand side of the diagram?

The WAN IP address is ok - I can ping it from the PC

The host name "Teltonika-RUT955.lan" is not ok - I do not get a reply from the Teltonika box

FYI - the WAN side is not "the internet" - it is a bigger but still a local network!

Please help me solve this! 

Thank you!

by anonymous

Hello Simon,

DNS query uses port 53 and ping does not use any port but uses icmp and ip address.

If you want to ping the host name of the router it will require to have a hostname resolved to an ip address first.

For that you might specify the ip address of the router in your computer DNS settings.

But ping uses icmp requests with no ports so you cannot resolve the DNS hostname to ip address on port 53.

Thus, you cannot ping the router's host name directly from pc connected to wan port.

If you still want to ping the router's hostname from wan network use a router in between, and open port 53 under firewall > traffic rules > add New Instance, on router that you want to ping.

And both routers should have WAN to WAN connectivity with routes established between them.

Firewall settings should look like.

Name: DNSport

Protocol: TCP+UDP

Source zone: WAN

Dest Zone: Device Input

Dest port: 53

Action: Accept

Rest all settings default.

And for WAN to WAN connectivity refer to config examples under image.

Note: Specify the wan ip of the router that you want to ping as DNS server ip on your computer.

Config for Router 1:

Config for Router 2: 

BGP routes should look like this under: WEBUI > Status > Dynamic routes

For Router 1: 

For Router 2:



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by anonymous

Hi Shivang,

thank you for your detailed answer - I have two questions:

01. What do you mean by "WAN to WAN" connection?

02. Which Router should habe port 53 open?

See new diagram!

by anonymous
Hello Simon,

Both routers wan port should be connected to the each other. and they should create routes to communicate with each other.

Routes can be created dynamically or using static configuration. Follow link if you need help with routes.


Link has both static and dynamic route configuration. you can choose to use any one as long as you get routes on your router.

"ip route" Command confirms if routes are established or not.

2. Router that you want to ping using hostname, should have port 53 open