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Morning all,

I have a RUTX12 that is permanently powered up, with a number of devices connected via Ethernet.

But I only want to enable Wifi sometimes.

Is it possible to enable or disable wifi via an external input?

Thanks in advance.  -Steve

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You can use I/O Juggler functionality. The idea behind is to configure a rule, which disables all Wi -Fi interfaces, when a change in input pin state is detected. You can get to its settings by accessing router's WebUI and going to Services -> Input/Output -> I/O Juggler. I/O Juggler is described in detail in this wiki page: .


Also, if you have a SIM inserted in your router, you can enable an SMS rule, which disables Wi – FI, when an SMS with a certain text, depending on configuration, is sent to the router. SMS configuration is found in Services -> Mobile utilities -> SMS utilities. Check this wiki for more details about SMS rules:


Best regards,



Hi Žygimantas. I have made the I/O Juggler and it works as expected once the device is booted up.

I have set the input to RISING to disable the Wifi and FALLING to enable it. This is linked to a two way switch (High/Low voltage).

However upon bootup, if the switch is on High Voltage (RISING) the Wifi does not work as expected.

1. Boot up with the Input setup for WIFI ON. Device boots and Wifi works; chaning the switch works as expected as shown below

2. Boot up with the Input setup for WIFI OFF. Device boots and Wifi does not work as shown below

I setup the actions to a 10s delay, and the same issue occurs. So for some reason when the Input is requesting WIFI OFF on boot, the system partially runs; the Wifi device starts and the interface is stopped. No matter the position of the switch, it keeps the same setup. Whereas on the other bootup (wifi on), the switch turns off the device wifi level, not interface level..