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I am new to network technology and although there are several posts about dns forwarding available in the forum it seems as if I don't understand how this works with Teltonika router.

Device name: RUTXR1, Firmware Version: RUTX_R_00.02.06

I use the Teltonika as router and gateway to the internet with one sim card.
Within the LAN I have got two Raspberry Pis running a DNS server each (one for fallback).
Within the general settings section I entered four IPs in the DNS forwardings section (first R Pi) (second R Pi) (you know it) (you also know it)

My DNS servers run correctly. If I call them directly they return the IP for the desired domain name correctly (used dig command to test and entered them as DNS servers in iPad).

However, I want to have my Teltonika router to be the starting point, i.e. should be my "DNS server". If some program performs a DNS request to the router should first call If there is no answer,, if there is no answer, and finally I suppose that the order of the DNS servers matters.

My question is: Which other parameters do I have to set and how do I have to set them to achieve this goal?

Thanks a lot.


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From the UI, go to Network->Interfaces->Lan, edit it using the pen the DNS servers list is in the General Settings page add your own there.

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Thanks a lot for fast help. This worked.

To help others like me who are new to network technology.

Network --> DNS seems to be the section for the internal DNS server.

Network -->Interfaces-->Lan is the place to define the DNS servers that should be called if a request is performed on this interface, as described in the answer above.