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To connect to our provider (German Telekom Gigabit fiber) we have to configure a PPPoE authentication on a VLAN7 tagged WAN Interface (yes the Telekom fiber only accepts VLAN7...).

The whole authentication works very well - we have internet access but the performance is really bad with the rutx08.

It is only around 500mbit. (Should be gigabit)

When testing the routing capacity of the rutx08 with iperf (direct wan routing between networks) i get results around 980 Mbit/s, but when I do the same test to a self hosted iperf server I only get around 500 Mbit/s using the VLAN7 pppoe connection. (All public Speedtests and the built in Speedtest deliver the same results)

I exchanged the Rutx08 with an Peplink 310 5G with the same parameters configured and got the 970 Mbit/s throughput.

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I would like to know what firmware you are using on your RUTX08. You can check here if it is the latest version.


In case it is not the latest, you can download the image and update it through System→Firmware. If you are still having issues with the speed. Can you please share with me the troubleshooting and backup file? You can get the troubleshooting file via System→Administration→Troubleshoot. The backup file via System→Backup