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I am using RUT240 with Movistar with Static IP and Public IP.

I have created Port Forwarding and enabled remote management.

I can perfectly reach my RUT240 from outside and see my specific port opened using portchecker.

However, my device reports NAT Type to be Symmetrical, I need to have Full Cone.

So any device on network should be able to talk to my port on the device without my device first talking to that external device.

How can I change NAT type to Full Cone?

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From what I understand, you need all devices that are connected to the LAN of your RUT240 to be able to access the designated port on your public IP, correct? You can do this by configuring a Source NAT rule. Here is more information on how to configure it. 


You can create a rule with any IP within the LAN ( for example), to send traffic to the designated port and public IP on the WAN network you want.