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Good afternoon.

Hello, first of all we have more than 14 units of this same device with the same configuration and they all work correctly, that's why we don't understand what problem we have. I will summarise the problem for you, 

The MODBUS DATA TO SERVER function only sends once or twice after rebooting. Then it "stops" and does not send again.  After restarting, it sends once or twice and then stops again. We have upgraded to the latest version, deleted the Modbus Data To server configuration and recreated it, but we still have the same problem. To that same server, 2 additional RUT955s send data, and they never fail. The problem is that it works, but only once or twice after a reboot. The router is always connected to the internet, and is always monitored by RMS. 

We are in emergency mode, restarting the router every 5 minutes, so that every 5 minutes it sends the data to the server. Can you think what problem we may have? It would be a great help.

Thanks for your help.

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What cloud platform you are using? how many connection sessions/requests are allowed at a time?

Are all the devices using the same firmware?

Do you have any Modbus slave device connected to the router? if not, are you only sending router's data to the server?

Modbus TCP/serial master is configured to make router as a Modbus master to get data from the connected slaves devices to it.

Are you using Mqtt or HTTP(S) protocol for data to server?

Can you provide me the screenshot of data to server and Modbus tcp/serial master configuration?

if possible, you can send me the  troubleshoot file of router with issue and router which is working fine.

Please share your troubleshoot file and backup file here. You can download the troubleshoot file from System-> Administration-> troubleshoot. TO download backup file go to System-> Administration-> Backup.. Please keep the router running before you download the file. You can share both files in a private message to me.