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Hello everyone

I'm trying to test a scenario where on my RUT240 I want to send an auto email to myself upon start / reboot, in order to check the public ip address of the 4g connection
(If I will open the received email and check for public ip of the provider should be fine by me .... simple steps .. )

I know I can achieve that with DynDNS or similar services, but for some reasons I want to have a "backup solution" on that, because lots of times DynDNS is not always refresh correctly ..

My thought is to send an email upon start of device, is this possible or not ??
I see that there is an option to send email after reboot only ! :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

BR , Panos

1 Answer

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Hi again,

really anxious about this, I found a solution that seems to work

Events Reporting / Event Type Mobile Data / SubType Connected / Action Send Email ...

after reboot , my RUT240 in 2-3 min sends an email to myself, and on the internet headers can see the public ip of my SIM card/Telco provider

Case closed,
Have a nice day Teltonika .. GREAT products !
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