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by anonymous
Hi to all,

I'm successfully moving all my Teltonika routers to new firmware, I'm solving almost all problems I had on previous firmwares.
I have only two questions:
1) before Teltonika we used different brand, my colleagues said "routers we used before are much more simpler to configure, why change?".
So, using SDK can I create my own web interface, starting from official, to get minimal configuration system?
2) I'm totally newbie about this, are there available examples about sdk for custom purposes?


2 Answers

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

1. Could you elaborate on what you want to be answered here? I'm not sure what were you using and what should I compare or answer.

2. Unfortunately, we don't have configuration examples for custom purposes, the only configuration example we have is this one here you can find the instruction on how to set up your machine for SDK.

Let me know if you need further help.

Kind regards,


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by anonymous
I tried something like this for a commercial project. And found out, that Teltonika uses quite some "private" stuff for the GUI, which is _NOT_ open software. API is documented, but no sources provided, so my standard procedure to build a custom image from sources did not work.

Fortunately, this project was based on the RUT955. So I switched to "official" openwrt, which is (almost) completely open source.
by anonymous

just downloaded and compiled SDK (RUTOS).

1) changed firewall.config file (as test) as reported on
Then compiling again using

 make -j<nproc_output>

Where is .bin image to be imported as new firmware in RUT230?

2) I can change configuration settings, but how can I create a custom failover? Where are placed configuration/scripts of failover?