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Hi all,

I'm trying to write a simple program that will inside the RUT995 Gateway. For reasons, I cannot extend RUT955 space with a MicroSD card, so I've to work with the 2mb left on the device disk.

I've tried different approaches:

  • GO: cross-compilation works out-of-the-box but the executable has a fingerprint too large. Discarded.
  • LUA: I'm not able to install Luarocks and all the necessary dependencies (mainly a mqtt-client and a rest-client). This seems to be a well-known issue (openwrt_forum, luarocks_git)
  • C/C++: after downloading Toolchain and setup cross-compilation (which was quite a pain...) I'm stuck with a linker error at execution time ( not found). After investigation I found out that OS inside RUT955 uses Uclib while Toolchain uses musl or glibc. No option for Uclib available in menuconfig (in "advanced configuration options (for developers) > Toolchain Options > C Library Implementation"). I'm quite certain that it's the wrong toolchain version.

Since RUT955 has legacy firmware installed(RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6) I have two possible options:

  1. upgrade to Latest firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.01.4) and then use the New Toolchain which I've already setup
  2. create a new dev environment with Ubuntu 16 and use the Legacy toolchain

Some questions:

  1. is the upgrade recommended? Or is it preferrable to use Legacy Firmware? 
  2. Will upgrading fix Lua Runtime problem?
  3. When is RUTOS scheduled to replaced the Legacy FW as Factory FIrmware?

thank you

2 Answers

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Regarding usage of LUA/LUA-rocks, you are wrong. I developed heavy custom LUA code for ModBus, MQTT to AWS-IOT etc. running on a fleet of 955's.

However, using official openwrt on the 955's, _NOT_ Teltonikas openwrt-variant. Custom firmware  for the 955's built from source.

Send me PM in case of commercial support.
due to very high volumes of devices that we plan to ship, we want to make the configuration step as lean as possible and to avoid every complication that is not strictly necessary.

Building a custom firmware it's not a viable solution for us, unless it's the only one remaining.

We need to work with a official firmware release (being the Legacy or the newest one)

thank you anyway for your time and your answer
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Flashing custom firmware to a 955 takes about 5minutes. Same time as a sysupgrade with a modified RUTOS.