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by anonymous
How do i set up email notification when the gps position changes and this should be continuous in a variable interval e.g. every five minutes when position changes continuously. Maybe set a home zone and report when leaving every five minutes the actual gps data....

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello Aimac,

Unfortunately, such a feature that you required is still not included in our devices. However, you can enable the GPS geofencing and event reporting features to notify you by email and SMS text when your device leaves or enters your "Home" Zone. You could also enable an action called GPS location on SMS Utilities, and every time you send a specific command via SMS text to your device's SIM card phone number, it will send its current GPS location to your phone. Another alternative would be programming a script to do this task and setting up its periodic execution on the crontab tool.

Here is a basic script to send your device's GPS location to your email:


#! /bin/sh

# This script is to get the device's GPS location and send it to a specific email account.

# Replace the fields in capital letters

#Refer to this link to configure an “ACCOUNT NAME”:

ubus call send_mail '{ "message" : "Fix time: $(date) \rLatitude: $(gpsctl -i) \rLongitude: $(gpsctl -x)  \n\rGoogle maps URL: \r$(gpsctl -i),$(gpsctl -x)&om=1speed:$(printf '%.0f' $(gpsctl -v))","subject":"ANY SUBJECT", "group" : "ACCOUNT NAME", "recMail":"RECEIVER'S EMAIL" }'

The email you would receive looks like this:

If you have some programming knowledge, you can improve this script by adding more information to your email message, or even try to make it work only when the device is outside of your "Home Zone."

For configuring email accounts and Events Reporting on your device, please refer to the links below:

For setting automatics reports triggered by geofencing events, check the following link:

To get the device location via SMS, refer to this link:

For periodic script execution, check this crontab tool-related information:


The links above refer to RUTX11 information. Nevertheless, you may use them as guidance or look for your specific device on our wiki page main website:

I hope this information helps with your query.

by anonymous

Thnks for the script but I get following Email message as result:

Fix time: $(date)
Latitude: $(gpsctl -i)
Longitude: $(gpsctl -x) 

Google maps URL:$(gpsctl -i),$(gpsctl -x)&om=1speed:$(printf f $(gpsctl -v))

How can I get values of these variables as result?


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by anonymous
Ok, thank you! I will try that or set a new home zone every time i need site monitoring....