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Hi, the setup I'm trying to achieve is the following: From a desktop machine (VPN client) I connect to the TRB140 (VPN server, connected to the Internet via SIM card (4G), and connected to an offline LAN) and would like to ping and see devices on that LAN from my desktop machine. Please help!

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Thank you for your question.

Most likely you can't reach other devices on LAN because the firewall doesn't allow that. You will have to open traffic to the other device that you are trying to reach (Ping) through LAN. In Firewall Traffic rules create a rule with the Source address: your PC IP, Destination address: IP of device that you want to reach.

I'm not garuanteed that this will fix the issue, but if it won't send me what error you are getting from trying to ping the device on Lan. And what VPN are you using on this set up?

Kind regards,