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I have configured my RUT950 to use Wireless as the WAN , however when it connects to the Wireless Access point all RUT950 clients lose connectivity

The Link stays active however the IP address of the RUT950 LAN network no longer responds

I enabled remote access and in the status the LAN is still stated as present with its IP address however there are no DHCP clients listed  .  Refreshing the DHCP on the client fails

The configuration I changed was to select Main WAN on the wireless link and then add the correct SSID in the configuration under Wireless station mode - when I applied the changes I could see the RUT950 had succesful connected to the AP - but all local clients had  lost connection

Am I missing something such as a VLAN change or something that is required

I believed I asked this question yesterday however as I have no questions listed under my account I am attempting to resubmit

I am using RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6 - Some other forum post seem to indicate the non-Legacy interface does not support configuration of the WAN to use Wireless

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Please update your firmware version to the latest. You can download the firmware file here. The instructions on how to set up Wi -Fi interface as your WAN source are provided in this video. 

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Ok - I've updated and after a fair bit of work got it all working - I found a different forum post with a link to a video  which I followed

The video was at this link : - I had tried to set it up the WiFi client but the config did not work so the important thing was you must have the target WIFi network existing and connect to it 

any way thanks - its working