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I have a router RUT240 upgraded to the lastest FW. It requires a lot of reboot to connect otherwise the router stay with one of the connectivity led blinking at 1 sec rate (no data connexion). It can stay in this mode without never manage to connect, only reboot seems to work.

I did a factory reset and only changed the APN for the custom one required by Things Mobile (we want to work with a fixed IP if that does matter). After that the router lose connection when we try to ping it but still indicates that it has network connectivity (but in reallity unable to ping
From this point the router needs to be restarted multiples (4-5 evecn more) times before reaching the RMS. I changed the position of the router, checked the RSSI/.../... which were not incredible but still in the fair zone according to this (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Mobile_Signal_Strength_Recommendations).
In short, the router requires a lot of reboot to connect and crash when ping but our server.

I attached the troubleshooting report.

Thx for the reading.
Kind regards,
Denis Thomas

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Could you please reattach the troubleshoot file below your question?

Best regards,

Sorry, had na issue with the first upload of the post.
I put another one that i did right know but it's dated from yesterday, that's weird.