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by anonymous

Firmware: RUTX_R_00.02.06

I have got a strange port forwarding problem. I have published a HTTPS Server (nginx 80, 443). Got a static public IP from my ISP. Everything works perfectly. Created port forwarding rules (WAN ANY --> LAN 80/443 --> NGINX 80/443).

I also installed a mailu mail server. Ports 25 etc. to 995 are all opened on the mail host. Checked it with nmap. I created absolutely the same port forwarding rules (of course changed port value 443-->25 etc. to 995 and changed IP to mailu host IP).

However, this forwarding does not work. If I ping from outside the wan (homepage the 25 port is closed. ISP is not blocking the port. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. 443 configuration is the same than 25 configuration. No traffic rules set.

It must be a very easy to solve problem, a parameter set wrong.

Thanks a lot for help.


***** UPDATE *****

Meanwhile I reset the system  to factory defaults and started from the very beginning. Port 80 and 443 work. They correctly forward traffic to my webserver host. Port 25 ist not working. It is always closed on router side. Port forwarding rules are identical (beside ip and port of destination host of course).

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by anonymous

Hi, you are doing everything right. You just need to open a port on the router -

Ports 80 and 433 have been added to the default rules for accessing the router's WebUI. And I recommend updating the firmware to the latest.

Best answer
by anonymous

Thanks for fast answer. However, it does not work or more explicitely, I don't understand it.

I added a traffic rule...

According to my understanding, this "opens" the port, i.e. if something from wan zone from any port from any ip enteres the device 25 port, it can pass.

Moreover, I added a port forwarding rule...

According to my understanding this is the "rewriting rule", i.e. anything that comes from wan from any ip with any port and enters the device at port 25 (=external port????) is forwarded to lan to the given IP address (redlined for security reasons) at port 25. This port is open, checked it with nmap.

If I perform an external test...

it tells me that the port is closed (the redlined part is of course the static, public IP address of my router given to me by my ISP).

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks a lot for help.


*** Update ***

I used another port scanner now...

This scanner shows that all my mail ports are in stealth mode. This means Router is O.K.

Problem must be mail server.

Thanks a lot for help.